Marcel and Molly – Old Friends and New

When posting about a couple’s wedding, I try not to talk about myself. After all, I am humbled to be able to share in their special day and witness their emotions. But for this one, I have to talk about myself a little bit because I want to share my feelings about these two and my past with Marcel.

Marcel has been a good friend to me for a long time, having known each other since childhood. We grew closer in college, sharing Friday lunches with our other two good friends (also in attendance at the wedding of course) who also helped me to begin my tradition of spending my birthday at the zoo. Marcel’s birthday and mine are four days apart, and while in college we discovered that late March is an excellent time to visit the zoo.

Molly came in to my life more recently, and I liked her from the start. I am delighted that Marcel has found someone so sweet and easygoing. She is smart and calm, and very good for Marcel. I have had a wonderful time getting to know Molly and can’t wait to spend some more time with her. I also can’t wait to meet the anticipated little Miss LaChance! When the cake was cut and the gender revealed to all, the look on Marcel’s face says it all.

Marcel has come a long way, flying air planes and saving lives, but his relationship with Molly is what makes me proudest. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!