Kayla and Michael – The Happiest Couple

Last Friday, Kayla and Michael got married at Highland Forest. The skies were a bit cloudy but it just made the day all the more photogenic. Throughout the process of planning this wedding, Kayla worked very closely with me and put in a lot of effort to make sure every shot was planned and possible. When the big day finally came, all of our work paid off and everything went perfectly smoothly – on schedule, according to plan. I have SO many images that I love (and I think Kayla and Michael will too!) and many more to come!!

The best part of the day was meeting and working with their friends and family (thanks everyone for your hard work and cheerful cooperation!), as well as witnessing what a truly happy and deeply in love couple Kayla and Michael are. It was a true pleasure working with this couple, and I feel happy every time I think about the pure joy that they were emanating. One of the last pictures in the collection, of Kayla and Michael dancing, is one of my very favorites. She is singing to him (“Dear Future Husband”) and they are dancing gleefully with one another. They are surrounded by those who love them, while at the same time being focused on one another. Almost in their own little bubble of happiness.

Kayla and Michael – You are such kind people, thank you for the opportunity to work with you!

PS. Any guesses what song Kayla’s Mom is dancing to?

PPS. It’s “Call Me Maybe” 🙂