Heather and Tim – Blue Skies and Sunshine

I had such a wonderful time photographing Heather and Tim’s wedding at Highland Forest last weekend. It always makes it a little extra special for me when I am photographing faces that I am familiar with.

Not only did I get to enjoy the day by photographing many dear friends and acquaintances from my past, the weather cooperated perfectly. It was a beautiful day – not too hot, and not too cold – and the sky played perfectly into my plans. Heather had told me that she likes pictures with lots of sky, and what a better sky to photograph than those you see below! Bright vivid blue with fluffy white cloud friends.

Everything came together to create a vividly photogenic day. The sky, the locations (how about that orchard!), the dress, and especially Heather herself (I mean, look at her!) were a few of the highlights that were delightful and easy for me to capture.

It was so nice to see and chat with everyone – what a great bunch of good people! I hope all of you enjoy this sneak peek… you are seeing roughly 1% of all of the photos that we collected.