I’d like to hear from you.

Really, I would.

No project is too small. I can work with you and your budget to create the visions that are in your mind, and elevate them to an art.

We could even meet, I could show you my studio and we could share a pot of tea (how about Earl Grey?) and talk about who you are and what you have in mind.

I do all kinds of work, with all kinds of subjects. Young people, old people, one person, lots of people, big animals, small animals, animals with people, studio shots, outdoor shots, shots at your home, events, sports and hobbies, candid documentation, commercial marketing, blah blah blah… I’ll even share my art with you (speaking of which… all photographs on this website belong to me and if you see something you might like a print or piece of wall art of, please don’t hesitate to let me know!).

While you can always try contacting me through tea leaves, an Email to or a Message on Facebook should do the trick. Any other ways you can think of are worth a try too.

You’ll see there’s also a link to my personal Instagram which could be a place for you to get to know me via my cellphone snapshots.